Filming for Social Media

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With social media becoming an ever more important aspect of marketing a brand, product or service, its no surprise to find that I’m delivering work in varying aspect ratios. Whilst monitors and TVs are still widescreen – as is a phone turned on its side – most people viewing content on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and to a slightly lesser extent Twitter, are almost inevitably on a phone and in portrait mode.

TikTok and Instagram in particular have embraced the portrait aspect ratio for most video content, and I’m finding that more and more of the content we’re delivering is going this way. Our work with Salisbury City Council recently has all been delivered in a square (or 1:1) aspect ratio, however we’re up to Shropshire this weekend for a 2-day shoot for a product brand with Instagram Stories/Reels being the primary delivery format and I’ve embraced the revolution with a full portrait rig for capture.

Whilst I’m going the whole hog for the upcoming shoot, there are ways to adapt conventional landscape/widescreen video content for social media.