Video That Works for Your Business

At Seen Creative we believe that video is the single most effective way to get a marketing message to your customers. We’re here to help provide you this content, whether it be a company profile that introduces new customers to your business, or lets existing customers know about new and exciting products and services you’re introducing.

Video is also proven to be an effective tool for providing educational or learning materials. Tutorials or online courses delivered by video provide an easy to digest format and help keep viewers engaged throughout.

Our Capabilities


All shot in beautiful 4k, we pride ourselves on capturing footage that looks fantastic and tells a story.


Good products need good photographs. We offer a full range of product photography services to our customers.


We create all of our own art assets so you can be sure that animations, titles and logos fit with your brand.


Animation is great for explainer videos and social media content. Get your message across fast.


We use Premiere Pro to create engaging and snappy videos that have a definite narrative flow.

Sound Editing

Good video needs good audio. We make sure that voices are clear and that any music or sound effects enhance the story.


Want your message delivered by a professional? We work with some of the best voice talents in the UK.


How will you get your video in front of your audience? We can setup hosting and advise or manage a delivery strategy.

Why choose Seen?

Whilst it’s great to have beautiful looking video content on your site, it’s what that video says about your company that really matters. We start by spending time understanding your business, your products and services, and your customers. We talk through how video can be used to reach your customers and prospects, and plan projects with you that help meet the goals you have.

Our customers tell us that we’re easy to work with. That means we keep you in the loop throughout the planning phase, provide an encouraging and relaxed environment for the day of the shoot, and keep turnaround times to a minimum.

We’ve worked in industry, so we understand how business works. We think this helps us to find out what makes you special, and to deliver web video that shows this to your customers.


How we cost projects?

We are set up to provide web video rather than broadcast video, and therefore our prices are lower than many video production companies. We use high quality mirrorless cameras rather than film cameras allowing most shoots to be conducted by a single operator without compromising on quality.

As we work with you to understand your requirements, we’ll be able to give you budgetary prices, and talk through options that could affect the total cost of a project.

We then go away and put together a detailed proposal that shows the time and cost allowed for planning, shooting, editing, animation and whatever else is required for a project. 


Why do we do this?

Having spent 15 years client-side as a Sales, Marketing & Product Manager I began using video marketing four years ago to promote a new product line. As a keen amateur videographer from a design background I decided to create this content myself. Two years later, the learning and promotional videos I’d produced had garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube and were the main stay of our content marketing strategy. More importantly, I’d found my calling. I was a web video convert.

I started Seen in 2016 to spread the word about video marketing and to create amazing content for our clients. Please get in touch we’d love to create some content for you.

Ben Savage – Founder